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I’m Gee Muga. I am married to a wonderful man, fondly referred to as Darling Husband or DH for short. He is our pack leader. We  have been blessed with two children, Munchkin 1 (girl 2 years 4 months)  and Munchkin 2 (boy 10 months). We also have a 9 months old GSD Puppy called Sizzar.

I am passionate about marriages, from even way before I got married. I read books, I listened to marriage focused talks,  I researched.  I was hoping to be super prepared for marriage but I don’t think one can really be “prepared” enough.  So when I met DH, we talked about all these personality and temperament stuff and everything else couples talk about  (kids, finances, dreams, hopes, legacy). We prayerfully courted then got married.

Our Wedding Day

Marriage is amazing!  It has seasons, trials and lessons which we decided to document.

After a year and a half of marriage we decided we wanted to talk about the lessons we were learning on social media so our Facebook page: Ndoa Poa  and Twitter handle @NdoaPoa were born. Then 6 months after that, this blog started.

We are excited to share our journey with you and share with you what we are learning. We are not marriage experts and the opinions and stories told are our own unless otherwise indicated.

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