Day 10

Friday 17th March

BookWorm Friday

Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas

Chapter 2.

This book is pretty intense and loaded. It’s a book about drawing closer to God in Marriage. Chapter 2 draws on how God likens marriage to His relationship with His people. The two characteristics of God that are depicted in marriage according to chapter 2 is that God has Divine Love for His people and He wants us to reconcile to Him. the book shows us how in these two ways we can know more about God through Marriage.

Divine Love: Do we view God as a master or a husband? Quoted from the book “God wants us to relate to him with an obedience fueled by love and intimacy {husband}, not by self-motivated fear, and with a loyalty to a divine-human relationship, not a blind adherence to “principles.”{master}.

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Reconciliation: As Christians we probably got married for a myriad of reasons. Companionship, ministry,sexual expression, mutual care,  Love, Commitment, Bringing up Godly offspring etc. However, our motivation to STAY married should be because it brings glory to God and points a sinful world to a reconciling Creator and not because our earthly comforts, desires, and expectations are met. Through marriage we should ask ourselves what pleases God not what makes me happy. This way we will be more forgiving to each other and this will be a testimony to our children that God’s concern for our lives is reconciling us to himself.

If we are consumed with highlighting where our spouses are falling short, we will miss the divine mysteries of marriage and the lessons it has to teach us. Are you a God-Centered spouse or a Spouse-Centered spouse?


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