Day 12

Tuesday 21st March

Movie Night  

Today we visited Planet Media (Westgate) for the movie. I love Disney stories. More so, I love musicals. As I recall Les Miserables, I smile. I did tell my DH that the movie was inclined toward Chick flickness. He was still interested. So yey!

This is one of my favourite disney “princess” stories. Beauty and the Beast. Remember the animation movie?

So today we watched the ‘real people’ version and it’s a musical!

DH enjoyed it so much he sang along to the Beauty and the Beast song. (I didn’t know he knew it).

I would rate the movie 8.5/10

No spoiler alert here because it is assumed the basic story line is known. The story line was maintained as we know it. (Not given some twist like Maleficent).

Hmm. Ok. Spoiler alert for newbies.

There was humor in the acting and in the songs and generally entertaining for even a guy to watch. There were several “aww” moments for the ladies as well.

I love the Beauty and the Beast story because it’s different from the usual damsel in distress locked up in a castle needing rescuing. Here the beast (man) needs rescuing, needs affirmation, needs someone to love him.

The Beast in this story is angry, bitter, in despair because he KNOWS that no woman will ever love him. He has been made to believe this for so long it is ingrained in him. So he reacts violently at intruders, he does not even give them a chance to explain themselves because why bother. Even when he encounters Belle the first time, he is cruel and mean. The house furniture tries to explain to Belle that there is a good person beneath the beast. Belle having been locked up by said beast finds it hard to reconcile and wants to escape. Then something happens that changes her outlook. Something that every woman longs for.

Belle is attacked by wolves in her escape and the Beast comes to the rescue just before she is torn to pieces. The Beast shows that despite his anger issues, he is willing to die for Belle, willing to protect her. This is what changed Belle’s mind. She did not attempt to pursue the Beast until the Beast proved himself to her. How far he was willing to go. (yes its a fairy tale story but there’s a lesson here).  The  beast as a man still had to pursue Belle. Still had to work on attracting her to himself (took baths and wore clothes). He had to be nicer, less angry, accepting of care etc. That way his hard heart becomes soft, and vulnerable and therefore attractive.  It helped that they both loved literary writings and bonded over that. In the end, the beast let Belle go see her father even though that could mean his death. He loved her. He then realized that all the time he was cooped up in his dilapidated castle he could have met someone and loved them! It was ok that he loved her even though she had not declared love for him. Ofcourse he was sad to let her go and the furniture seemed more distraught than he was. The beast wished he would have the ability to let them go too and be free.

Image result for beauty and the beast

It is interesting because we women have been in situations where we meet this man and he is a project and he doesn’t like us, infact he pushes us away. He doesn’t really have friends because he is different. Probably socially awkward. And we want to be the ones to integrate him to society. Because we believe that if we try hard enough, they will love us forever. So we take up the challenge to get him interested, the challenge to make him like us. Sometimes there is a happy ending where the man does get to love us. However, most times we are heartbroken because we lost ourselves trying to impress a man who would not take a pie in his face for us in a food fight!

On the other hand there are the Gaston’s. Those men who are attracted to our play hard-to-get game but are definitely not our kind of men.  They will even say flattering things like “Your dignity is outrageously attractive.” They will insist that we are the one for them. That will be amazing at first because we have been waiting for a guy to ask us to marry them for so long. However, when we take a closer look at him, he is so self-centered. Cares only about himself and image. He would not be on your side to protect you from the public.

Single ladies you man is out there. He will pursue you. Allow him to pursue you. Allow him to protect you. Let’s keep away from the Gaston’s.






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