Day 14

Thursday 23rd March

Game night  

Today coincided with the National Puppy Day (ok this day seems to be celebrated in US only. So I poxed). Happy puppy day to our GSD Sizzar:

Gamenight today featured a couple of cool games.

With the Munchkins we played an ABC game. Where they would sing A for Apple B for Ball and so on. Then I’d show them pictures of the objects representing letters of the alphabet for them to name. Munchkin 1 did pretty good. Especially naming the animals. Her favourites are “Ephetant” (Elephant) and Giwaff (Giraffe). All kinds of birds are chicken, all kinds of cats, lions, cheetahs, are “Meow’s”. As for Munchkin 2 all pictures were “tat” or “dada”.

Image result for baby cartoon dada

With DH we played another card game. This one is called FISH.

How to play:

  1. Shuffle a deck of cards
  2. Give the players 4 cards each
  3. Stack the rest of the cards.
  4. Toss a coin on who should start. Each consequent round, the winner starts.
  5. Start with a card from the stack.
  6. The player that starts checks whether the card from the stack is useful to them, if yes, they pick it and drop a card from their hand, if not, they pick a card from the stack and drop a card from their hand.
  7. The aim of the game is to have four similar numbered cards. Eg. Four 9’s.Related image
  8. The first one to have all four cards wins and the loser spells F.I.S.H.  A player has to lose four times.

So our game, I won first round and DH was “F”. I won second round and he was “F.I”. He won third round and I was “F”. He won fourth round and I was “F.I”. I won fifth round and he was “F.I.S”. In the sixth round, I say we drew, he says he won. What happened was that he had a “10” card that I was making and I had an “ACE” card he was making. We were technically in stale mate. Since it was my turn, DH suggested that I drop the “ACE” and he’d give me the “10”. So I did and he “FISHED” me! So for the sake of peace in the house I conceded and I was “F.I.S”. The seventh round was the determinant. And guess what guys, I WON!!!

Image result for winning celebration woman

Next we played the Thumb war game. DH won best of 5.

Image result for thumb war game








It was fun though!

Next week we will do something more sassy Image result for wink emoji

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