Day 16

Monday 27th March 2017



Scripture: Esther Chapter 4


This is a profound chapter and something that we can apply in our daily lives. What is our purpose? Why are we working where we are? Why do we live where we do? Is there a greater reason for all this.

I’m sure Esther may have asked herself those questions in the palace. Or she may just have been enjoying the royalties as they come lest its short lived. Anyway her cousin Mordecai was in trouble. He didn’t have the lavish life that Esther was now growing accustomed to. He was on the outside.  He was a Jew like Esther. But Esther was in a position of ‘power’. I would say relative power because the King had the power and as Queen, you were dependent on the King’s happiness  and had to be summoned. They were a married couple. But she couldn’t just go and hang out with the King and eat together, or go on a date. She had to be called upon if and when the King willed. Tough.

So one day some royal guy called Haman trotted into town on his horse and as was the custom, everyone kneeled as he passed by. But Modecai didn’t. Coz Zero chills. And Haman took it personally and decided coz Modecai was a Jew, then all Jews would have it. This seems to be the situation here with tribalism. A guy of this tribe is angry at a fellow of another tribe and these tribes take it upon each other to even the score.  So this Haman guy plots to kill all the Jews and Modecai runs to Esther for help.

Esther could have probably been sitting in her Jacuzzi being fed grapes by her servants when she got the notice that Modecai wanted to talk to her. She has mad respect for Modecai because he is the one who practically raised her. She runs to the gate to hear that Jews are in trouble. For a fleeting moment she doesn’t remember that she is also a Jew and Modecai reminds her. She knows that if she dared approach the king to ask for help without being summoned, even though he is her husband, she may die.  Then she decides that this is mission impossible and needs prayer and fasting.

See, many times we try being ninja’s and doing life without seeking God.  But we need God for direction, for peace, especially in difficult situations.

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