Day 17

Tuesday 28th March

Movie Night  

Today we were at Century Cinemax Junction because there weren’t any new 3D movies showing. We watched a sci-fi. DH is not a great fun of it but after he watched the trailer he was intrigued. Plus Ryan Reynolds was acting in it.

Image result for life 2017 movie poster








This is the movie that should be the prequel to any alien movie because that’s how aliens existed. It was our fault. And we let it happen.

I would rate it 6.5/10

I didn’t like that our fave actor died too soon. Also many times we kept screaming at the screen for the actors not to do foolish things that would cost them their lives…and yeah they didn’t listen.

But as in most alien movies, aliens are more superior than humans and they want to destroy for survival. Unless you are a pacifist, then aliens are sweet and charming and willing to help you save the earth like in the movie arrival- which is also a really cool movie too. (7.2/10)

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