Day 20

Friday 31st March

BookWorm Friday

Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas

Chapter 4.

This chapter talked about respecting our spouse and having contempt for contempt.

“As our partners and their weaknesses become more familiar to us, respect often becomes harder to give. But this failure to show respect is a sign of spiritual immaturity more than an inevitable pathway of marriage.”

As we get older in marriage we should work at learning our spouses. When we do, we get to appreciate that their strengths over their weaknesses. The more we learn our spouses, the more we understand their actions and reactions, the more we love them, the better we respect them.

It’s also not enough to say, “I respect you.” Respect and Honor need to be SHOWN.

How to build contempt for contempt

  1. Adopt a Holy double standard – have compassion for weaknesses in our spouse
  2. Gain a new understanding – find out how a day in your spouses life looks like. Draw them out.
  3. Cultivate gratitude – Thankfulness breeds respect
  4. Remember the effects of the fall – This is a broken world. We are ALL broken. Therefore, extend gentleness and tolerance.

Don’t keep the focus on your spouses weaknesses and flaws, it will result in contempt. Learn their strengths, love their shortcomings, respect your spouse. 



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