Day 3

Wednesday 8th March

Wiggly Wednesday. 

First of, Happy International Women’s day to all the women out there and the men who love them!

God made women strong but able to shed tears when in pain. The soft tender yet tenacious heart of hers can withstand a lot and she will do anything for those she loves. We celebrate you women!













So dance day! At first my Darling Husband (DH) was skeptical about the dance thing but quickly enjoyed learning new moves. Today we used a dance workout on youtube video (this one). It was vigorous!We broke into sweat 10 minutes into the dance. After this session we discovered that as much as we love hip hop, the moves ziko nawenyewe (there are other people made for the dances). And the video was for beginners!

We liked that the video had a warm up sessions and taught the moves in a way that it was easy to learn. We didn’t like that there aren’t dance videos of not-skinny people, you know to encourage us. It was funny watching each other miss some moves, stumble, and then overdo a move that we know.

Take lots of water.

Next week we will try Zumba! yeah!

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