Day 7

Tuesday 14th March

Movie Night 

Today’s Movie night was epic!!! We hanged out for a bit because we were early for the movie. We usually watch at Century Cinemax Junction but today we decided to head over to Century Imax at Garden City.  We loved the 3D IMAX screen!

Image result for kong skull island poster

Kong Skull Island! wow…just wow.

I’d rate it 7.5/10 for the sheer thrill that it was!

It is not a sequel or prequel to King Kong or any other Kong movie. The story line is on its own and its interesting. There some aspects that resemble the story of King Kong but this one is definitely better than the Jack Black one.

I jumped on Darling Husband (DH) a couple of times. There’s a lot of killing and weird stuff. I wish there was extraction of some national treasure or something as an adventure.

Not for kids. Potential nightmares.

So go watch it and come comment on it here…

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