Day 8

Wednesday 15th March

Wiggly Wednesday. 

Dance Day! As shared last week, today we were to try Zumba. And Zumba we did (insert spanish guitar intro). It was so fun! We used this video. We decided to use videos from the Zumba channel. Each video is about 3 min. long and its choreography for the song that is playing. This was much more difficult than last week’s workout because the instructor wasn’t really teaching the steps.  We seemed to flow once we got a move but no sooner than we did than the move changed! Also since Zumba is a mix of different steps or dance styles highly influenced by Latin American dances like merengue, raggaton, salsa, mambo, samba etc. All the videos use Latin American music (very dancable fun music, don’t know Spanish, so don’t know what they say, but the beat!) And each video used different dance moves.  After about 30 minutes, we had learnt a couple of cool moves and we agree that we love latino dances!

Please share in the comments below which dances are working for you and what you enjoy!


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