Day 9

Thursday 16th March

Game night  

Today with the munchkins we decided to try out coloring! Well the munchkins enjoyed doodling and coloring outside the lines!

Yes, they doodled everywhere but in the picture. Maybe the crayons are too big (Jumbo size) or the pictures need thicker lines, or the pictures need to be more abstract?

All in all, coloring is great fun for the kiddos.

Then DH and I played poker.  

Ahem. I should correct myself here because the variant of poker we played is local and not in any of the wikipedia gambling poker alternatives. There was no money or betting involved. The one we played was each having four cards, a stack of cards on the table is left for picking if a card can’t be played and a starting card. A toss coin can agree who starts. The 3, 2 and joker are all picking cards. This means that if the competitor plays any of these cards, then if the card holder doesn’t have a 3, 2 or joker to play as well, then they pick. The aim of the game is to drop all the cards on your hand before your competitor. When you are one move away from dropping your cards then you have to declare it by saying “Cardi” (no translation for that). After saying cardi 4 times (every time I said Cardi, I was given a picking card!) I won game 1. DH recharged and game 2 was even longer and more drawn out. But again I won! Game 3 DH said, “No more Mr. Nice guy.” Then he won game 3! . He is competitive and wanted to play best of 5. But I  wanted to end the game while I was ahead so yes!!! I won!

Image result for winning dance emoji

Can’t wait for what next week has to offer…. Any indoor games you enjoy with your spouse? Drop a line in the comment section!

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