Dream Phase

Marriage is from God. God wants marriage to succeed. Marriage is sacred. God uses marriage to make us (wives and husbands) holy. Refine us. Mould us. Make us more like him. And it gets hard. But first…..

Congratulations Newlywed! Aren’t you guys just so dreamy! Marriage is the start of your new year together. You are so in love. Granted you are also exhausted from all the wedding planning but you are so optimistic about your new life. Also, the living arrangement  from being a bachelor or spinster to being a couple living in the same space requires a little adjustment. But you guys are just so happy right now. And that is what really matters……seemingly.

My husband and I on our wedding day

She says, “He leaves the toilet seat up!…but it’s ok… I will just fix it. He is still so dreamy!’ 

He says,”She squeezes the toothpaste tube at the center!…but it’s ok… I will just fix it. She is still so dreamy! 

You are all about fulfilling the “dream”- personal, marital, career, & communal dreams. Communication is easy and well understood. We are cautious about our feelings and conceal anger or disappointment. It’s so easy to forgive, and we overlook differences to avoid conflict. Intimacy seems so easy coz we both want to be intimate and romantic with each other.  Roles and responsibilities? Well, we don’t like labelling..we just support each other.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the first phase of marriage. It can last upto 2 years. For you newly weds, cherish this time. It’s truly dreamy and it will certainly never be the same. Take pictures, make lasting memories.

What to do in this phase:

  1. Write down all the things you love about each other (so that you remember this things later)
  2. Take lots of pictures and videos.
  3. Go on dates and make memories.
  4. Cherish the time when it’s just the two of you. Before the kids arrive.
  5. Talk about your hopes and dreams.
  6. Create conflict resolution structures, how to fight fair.
  7. Create rules like ” We will never sleep in separate beds even when we fight” etc.
  8. Prepare for the kids and the responsibilities of parenting.
  9. Find like-minded couple friends and hang out with them.
  10. Find an older couple that you can both open up to and share with.

All these will help in being more prepared for the next phase of marriage… Drama…

What else would you suggest doing in this honeymoon phase? Tell us in the comments.


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