Finances ……to share or not to share….

Finances can be a point of contention in marriage. How do you as a couple handle paying bills and transacting? Joint accounts? Access to each others card and PIN?

I believe that transparency in account management can lead to enhanced trust and develops teamwork and team spirit. Afterall, we are working to become one flesh. Genesis 2:24.

In this video we share how we do it and how we have learnt to overcome some challenges.

We ascribe to sharing financial responsibility. In this day and age life is expensive and it would be unfair for me to leave my husband with all the financial responsibility.

We pull our resources to tithe, pay for bills, house shopping, entertainment, kids stuff and other expenses that we have discussed and budgeted for. We also budget for getaways and family vacations and set money aside towards this. If there is any surplus left, we give each other equal amounts for spending “on whatever you like”. My “whatever you like” money goes mostly to shoes :-).


We welcome your comments and views on the same. Ask your questions in the comments below.


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