I always thought that i’d retire working an office job at 65 years. Turns out I left employment last December. Now I am working to be my own boss. And it’s a HUGE change for me. So I am embarking on 21 days of fun activity to form new fun habits and shift my mind (from the task oriented-ness that I grew accustomed to). Also, its my birthday month (#MarchBabiesRock) and it’s women’s day month and it would be fun to do something different.  Darling Husband (DH) has accepted this challenge with me so we will do it together. Double fun! Welcome to 21 days refreshment challenge.


Every week will have the similar activities the 21 days is Monday to Friday for 4 weeks.

Monday – Devotions. We will dig deeper into the Bible and reflect on His word. 

Tuesday – MovieNight.  We will watch a movie that we both enjoy.  

Wednesday – Wiggly Wednesday. We will sing (me shriek) and dance. 

Thursday – GameNight. We will play fun indoor games. 

Friday – BookWormFriday. We will be reading a chapter of a book we both enjoy. 


You are welcome to start your own #21DayRefreshmentChallenge just because it’s fun.


Here’s to fun habits! Share your progress with us by contacting us or sharing on our Facebook and Twitter pages.



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