Day 21

Monday 27th March 2017 Devotions  Scripture: Romans Chapter 8 Romans is an amazing book to read. Full of encouragement for difficult times. Romans 8 is my favourite. We are overcomers! All things are working for our good! Sometimes when we cannot see God’s promises being fulfilled in our lives we begin wondering, am I even

Day 20

Friday 31st March BookWorm Friday.  Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas Chapter 4. This chapter talked about respecting our spouse and having contempt for contempt. “As our partners and their weaknesses become more familiar to us, respect often becomes harder to give. But this failure to show respect is a sign of spiritual immaturity more than an

Day 19

Thursday 30th March Game night   Last gamenight of the challenge series. But we will be keeping this tradition. It’s so fun. Plus DH is competitive. We played another poker card game. We found the variant that is most similar to what we play here.  The difference between today’s poker game and last poker game is that we added